Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canada's Ugliest Cell Phone

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Back in May PC World compiled their list of the twelve ugliest cell phones in the world.  Out of the twelve only two of phones featured was offered was the Motorola Rokr and a Walkman phone by Sony Ericsson both offered on Rogers.  The Rokr was a little brickish that may have been more at home in 2001 than in 2005 when it was originally released.  The W350 is small and from my eyes could tell, far from ugly.  If the editors of PC World are compiling a list of dishonorable mentions in the looks, then the thirteenth phone that should be in the list is...Sanyo's Pro 700.  The Pro 700 is offered by Sprint in the United States and in Canada by Bell and Sasktel Mobility. 

The yellow and black finish of the phone makes it look like a device used at a construction site.  Bell offers a version of the phone in all black which is an improvement but does nothing to improve it's box like appearance.  This phone is proof that somebody that is legally blind get paid to design cell phones.  For those making a three year commitment to this phone maybe they should have had a vision test rather than a credit check when they subscribed to their cellular service.

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