Monday, September 21, 2009

False Advertising Comes From SaskTel

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One of the most deceptive things about how cell phone service is offered in Canada is what prices that rate plans cost, pile up the extra fees and that 25 dollar a month plan is more like 40 dollars. Now a cell carrier has gone from questionable advertising to deceptive false advertising. SaskTel in attempt to prop up their struggling prepaid service has put out their latest saturation advertising blitz promoting their prepaid cell service as having no hidden fees, but looking closer reveals that SaskTel still charges the 59 cent per month "911 fee" on prepaid service, which makes their claim that their prepaid service has "No Hidden Fees" a straight out lie.

It's rather fitting that it's the "911 fee" that they choose to keep, since it's the most deceptive fee that telcos charge. Funding for 911 service in just about every community comes from municipal taxes, not this bogus fee that comes attached to every cellular and wireline telephone account.

On the Prepaid cell service home page repeats the "No Hidden Fees" claim but looking on the pages for the various prepaid plans shows the "911 fee" will be applied to all prepaid accounts. If there is any truth in advertising legislation that any teeth left in this country, let's see SaskTel try to explain this one.

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