Friday, February 20, 2009

Politicians Gone Wild: Requirement To Log All Internet Activity For Two Years

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Politicians have always been known for sometimes passing ridiculous laws at times, now there's a new one that goes to show how much that politicians still don't get the Internet. There is a new bill in congress that would require all TCP/IP network operators to keep logs of all Internet activity for two years. This doesn't just cover ISP's and public WiFi hotspots, it covers anybody who has a home network.

It may be understandable to require companies who sell Internet access to log any suspected illegal activity for law enforcement agencies, but requiring all routers to keep a log for two years is rediculous not to mention virtually impossible because most home office routers don't even have the ability to record two years of Internet activity.

The bill is titled "Internet Stopping Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Today's Youth Act" Reality is that this bill has nothing to do with protecting children, but more to do with shutting down anybody who downloads Peer to Peer downloading software or throttling anybody who buys a Magic Jack if Verizon or AT&T asks for it to be done. There have been a lot of stupid laws passed in the past but this one beats them all.

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