Monday, February 23, 2009

Phone Switcher Should Call Old Providers: Bell Canada

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Bell Canada and their regional subsidiary Bell Aliant have made an application to the CRTC that if accepted would force anybody switching to another provider of telephone service to call their soon to be former telephone provider in order authorize the porting of their phone numbers to the new provider.

How it works now, when somebody wants to switch to a new telephone service provider they just call the new provider, give them the account number from the telephone company they current subscribe to, the address including the postal code on the account with the existing provider and the new provider arranges for the phone number to be ported.

Bell Canada's proposal would allow incumbent telco's to bombard any potential switchers with sales pitches to stay no matter how poor the service may be. Bell Canada claims that this would "level the playing ground in the competive marketplace" Which is a lot of baloney, since when deciding to shop at a different store or eat a different restraunt you don't have to the old store or restraunt that you are going to a different store or restaunt. The rules that govern how people switch telephone providers is the way it needs to be.

With first hand experience switching to a new phone provider, I know that having to call my former telephone provider (SaskTel) just to have them make their sales pitch would have been an ordeal because their very poor customer service, and restricted telephone account, I was fed up with them and wanted a different provider to switch to as soon as I could.

Incumbent telcos need to lower prices for local telephone service while improving customer service to keep customers, not the preferencial treatment from regulatory agencies.

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e-studio-drummer said...

I just want to say for the record that Bell is the worst company, not phone company, the worst company I've ever dealt with! They're deceitful beyond all imagination.
2 times they tried to secretly extend my contract while on the phone to them about grievances. I'm trying to port my ph# right now and they're putting up fences every which way they can. When I phoned to cancel my contract a month ago 2 separate agents tried to convince me that my contract was actually up in 2011 not 2009. If I hadn't have screamed bloody murder then it would have been up in 2011 at which point I'd be put through the same snide tactic.
I hate them!!! Do not, do not ever utilize let alone sign a contract with Bell! You will be very sorry believe me!

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