Thursday, February 5, 2009

DTV Delay Passes, Keeps Analog OTA on Life Support for Another Four Months

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The revised bill to delay shut off of analog over the air television until June 12th has passed the house of representatives and is going to get signed by President Barack Obama within a couple of days. The bill that is on it's way to becoming law is differs from the bill that was killed in the house last week because the delay until June 12th isn't mandated, TV stations can keep broadcasting analog until June 12th but can shut off analog on Febuary 17th.

Instead of just putting off the confusion about transisition to DTV and the shortage of converter boxes like the original bill would have done giving TV stations a window from Febuary 17th to June June 12th allows Americans to get pushed into electronics stores when they start seeing TV stations starting to disappear.

Will TV stations forgo ratings by shutting off analog, very possibily will be that way since most TV stations' cost projections for the year are based on shutting off analog transmitters on Febuary 17th. Things will happen sooner rather than later

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