Thursday, February 12, 2009

Microsoft Stores, Sounds Like a Joke That's Six Weeks Early

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Once again Microsoft is following Apple once again. Apple has operated their chain of high end retail stores for close to a decade. Now Microsoft is following suit but a one word question remains, why? It's not like Microsoft needs to promote sales of Windows based PC's like Apple needed to operate their own stores so that Macintosh computers needed to retail space.

While Apple sells their own computers at their stores, Microsoft doesn't make the computers that run their operating systems. Apple is the only computer manufacturer that has been successful operating their own retail stores. All other PC manufacturers that have tried have failed, Gateway Country stores is the most widely known flop.

When iPods were first launched the only place they could be bought was at an Apple store, if Microsoft thinks that people will go to a Microsoft store just to buy a Zune, it sounds like a joke that just isn't funny.

Microsoft doesn't need a specialty boutique type store to sell Xbox 360's, they are already the market leader. Six weeks from the posting of this blog entry will be April the First, and unlike Windows Millennium Edition and Windows Vista, this joke from Microsoft came early.

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