Monday, December 22, 2008

RIAA Drops Lawsuits, Expects ISP to Enforce

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The Recording Association of America (RIAA) AKA Big Music, has announced that they will stop filing lawsuits against users of peer to peer networks to download music because it was costing more to sue music downloaders than they recover. Instead the recording industry will be working with Internet service providers to cut off Internet access the heaviest downloaders.

While the big guys such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon will play ball with the RIAA, resistance is mounting among the smaller independent ISP's. According to a CNET story Jerry Scroggin owner and operator of Bayou Internet and Communicatons says that the RIAA had better bring their checkbook. Independent ISP's looking for an offer of cash will probably will get an offer, an offer they can't refuse.

Suing seven year olds and their grandmothers didn't work, hiring ISP's to be goons won't work ether the only thing that will work is to follow the money. Most Peer to Peer file sharing clients come with some kind of adware or spyware bundled with it. If the RIAA would have sued the companies that make the adware and spyware they would have put most peer to peer download clients out of business, and would have made them look good. What if the RIAA would have sued Gator, oops I mean Claria out of existance back in 2002 imagine how much different things would be today.

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