Monday, December 15, 2008

Palm Nova, A new OS from an old name in PDA's and Smartphones

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Palm, the one time kingpin of the PDA world, floundering in the age of smartphones is preparing to release a new version of it's operating system for their smartphones at the upcoming 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. The Palm OS which has been is serious need of a revamp for years is finally getting it, code named 'Nova' the new operating system is supposed to bring new life into Palm's smartphones.

With the new war of supremacy between Google's Android and Apple's iPhone it is needless to say that any new Palm OS will need to be above and beyond insanely great, just to catch the eye of the consumer. Even Microsoft's Windows Mobile has been sidelined as cell phone subscribers are now choosing their carrier just to get an iPhone or G1.

Even Research in Motion has been struggling to bring new phones to market with the wow factor that attract subscribers. With mediocre reviews for the Blackberry Bold and downright frosty reviews of the Storm even RIM will have some tough sledding ahead.

With Palm trying to engineer a renaissance of their own operating system there leaves very little doubt that 2009 will be the year of the smart phone.

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