Thursday, August 23, 2012

Is Nintendo Going To Skunk the Speculators?

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Nintendo's WiiU home console is the Japanese video gaming company's most awaited since home video game system since the Nintendo 64 came out a decade and a half ago.  Many game industry analysts, bloggers (including myself) are predicting November 18th as the most likely release date for the new system based on the release dates of the Wii and the Game Cube on the third Sunday of November.

There is reson to believe that the WiiU could be appearing before that.  Listings of upcoming video game for the rest of 2012 show games for the WiiU will start to be released on Tuesday, November 6th.  Holding to Nintendo's Sunday release rule, that would be put the WiiU release on Sunday, November 4th.  However there are no games scheduled for release on the 4th.  If Nintendo holds to a release on the 18th, why would there be games being released on the 6th? What would be the purpose of releasing games almost two weeks before the system to play them on hits stores? 

Three ways to interpret how Nintendo is going to move, Break with their own tradition of releasing hardware on Sundays and release the WiiU on Tuesday the 6th.  Release on Sunday the 4th leaving gamers with a system and no games to play up to two days, or give gamers almost two weeks of buying the games without a system to play them on.

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