Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Official Launch of The WiiU Will Be On...

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Nintendo has been very hush hush about the potential launch date of their next generation game system the WiiU.  If history of Nintendo's product launches is any indication of when the WiiU launches it will be on a Sunday.  Just about all of Nintendo's product launches for both hardware and software in the past decade have been on Sundays.  Looking at the last two home consoles the GameCube and the Wii past launches will give gamers a clue when to expect to see the WiiU in stores.  The GameCube launched on November 18th, 2001 the third Sunday of November in North America.  Spring forward five years The Wii made it's first appearance in stores this side of the Pacific on November 19th, 2006, again on the third Sunday in November. 

Nintendo has stated that WiiU will arrive in time for Holiday shopping season in 2012, which the third Sunday of November fall right in the middle.  This year the third Sunday is on November 18th eleven years to the day after the launch of the GameCube.  Stay tuned around the time the Tokyo Games Show, Japan's video game industry trade show for more information from Nintendo.

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