Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What Will It Take For Nokia To Make A Comeback In North America

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About ten years ago when cell phones were used to make phone calls many cell phone owners in the United States an Canada used Nokia phones.  Back then the World's leader in cell phone was the leader in market share in North America.  Oh how times have changed, after getting mowed over by Motorola's razr, a price spat with Qualcomm, iPhone, Palm Pre and Google Andorid have relegated Nokia's handsets to the line-ups of convenience store prepaid services. 

If Nokia's executives want to get their phones back into hands of cell phone yakkers then there's much that has to be done to make there phones and their brand desireable in North America once again.  Nokia's Symbian OS may have a following in Europe, but it's nothing but dead weight in their attempt to sell a Smartphone in North America.  If Nokia doesn't put out a Android based handset in the year it's probably going to be game over for Nokia this side of the Atlantic. 

Even if just one phone has just one feature that no other phone has, cell phone subscribers will grab up the phones and bring Nokia back into the game.  One flaw that iPhones and other touch screen phones has is the fragile nature of their screens.  One doesn't have to look very far to find a smartphone with a shattered screen.  Just by bringing a shock resistant touch screen phone would attract subscribers back to Nokia

One of the things that lead to Nokia's fall from grace is their focus on the low end of the market.  Producing phones for prepaid MNVO's Nokia has become a ghetto brand.  Nokia will need to get phones into the lineups of the incumbent cell carriers once again, but for the incumbent carriers Nokia handsets would be a gamble since most of the subscribers they are trying to attract want iPhones, Palm Pre's or an Android smartphone.  For Nokia something has to be done to make the incumbent carriers to take that gamble, Nokia's future in North America depends on it.

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