Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Does Wind Mobile's Phones and Plans Mean For Consumers?

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Wind Mobile Canada's delayed but still first out of the gate new cell phone carrier unveiled their plans and the phones that they will be offering.  As expected Wind Mobile is undercutting the incumbent cell carriers with plans at 15.00 35.00 and 45.00 dollars per month.  All three plans offer free calling between Wind Mobile cell phones anywhere in Canada.  The 35.00 dollar per month plan offers free calling within the province where the subscriber lives provided that the subscriber is with in a Wind Mobile coverage area.  The 45.00 dollar per month plan offers free calling within Canada.  All three plans offer free unlimited incoming text messages. 

The selection of phones is pretty paltry right now, only four models of handsets are currently available.  A touch screen phone from Huawei, a chinese company, the Gravity 2 from Samsung, HTC Maple running Windows mobile, and the Blackberry Bold 9700.  What is unique to Wind Mobile is the requirement to buy a phone outright when signing up for service, phones are not subidized in exchange subscribers are on month by month billing and not locked into a contract for three years. 

Certainly the plans will entice consumers to switch, but paying the full cost of the phone will make many think twice.  That will give the incumbent carriers pleny of ammo in the ad war that is sure come in the new year.  Bell and Telus is sure to take aim with the 'C' word, coverage.  Wind Mobile currently covers Toronto and Calgary, Wind Mobile will be roaming on the Rogers network everywhere else in Canada.  Now the first new cell carrier has unveiled their service, two more to go, cell phone service is on it's way to getting better.

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