Friday, October 23, 2009

No Subidized Netbooks In Canada

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It's been getting to miss all those ads for free and cheap netbooks while watching American TV or reading American magazines all one has to do is commit two years of their life to paying for a data plan from AT&T or Verizon Wireless.  These Netbooks come with onboard HSDPA or EV-DO 3G access.  Checking with the Telus, Rogers, and Bell web sites it's obvious that none of the cell carriers in Canada have yet to offer a Netbook with onboard 3G.

This is just another sign that Canada's cell phone industry is a triopoly and not real competition.  If there was real competition, Rogers would be offering me a netbook to win me back, Telus would offer me a netbook to keep me, and Bell would actually know where Saskatchewan is and would be offering service here and offer me Netbook to get me to jump to them. 

Canada's big three is just three to six months away from getting some competition from upstart competitors the new guys will be bringing subsidized 3G netbooks to attract customers from the incumbents, will the incumbents offer netbooks of their own to keep their customers?

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