Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Bill To Help Silence Loud Commericals

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For so much of the past twenty years or so the bills created by congress that have by the most part been laughable. Some of them include letting the RIAA launch DOS attacks against any user of a peer to peer network, requiring all ISP's and all owners of home Internet routers to log all Internet activity for two years, just to name a couple. A new bill is a refreshing breakaway from the idiotic bluster that comes from Washington DC. The new bill called the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act will silence the most painful part of watching television, loud commercials.

The proposed law doesn't just ban commercials with raised volume levels, but bans the tricks producers of commercials use to make the commercials sound louder than they actually are. Bringing down the volume levels of TV commercials started with the passing of spokes-blowhard Billy Mays, now if they can get rid of the ShamWow-SlapChop guy and pass this law then people will tolerate TV commercials again. Unlike the Digital Millennium Copyright Act this is a law that countries around the world should emulate.

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