Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What The Possibility of a CDMA iPhone Means For Canadians

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Apple is talking to Verizon to bring the iPhone to the CDMA network carrier once Apple's exclusivity deal with AT&T ends at the end of the year. (USA Today Story) The potential for a new iPhone that runs on CDMA already has some Canadian subscribers excited because that would give people an alternative to Rogers with the high cost of their data plans.

Most phones offered by Verizon in the States usually turn up on Telus in Canada. For Telus getting a CDMA iPhone would be a natural fit especially if Bell snags the Palm Pre. The iPhone is a proven product that people have already switched carriers to get one, the Pre on the other hand is unproven so it will be a risk for whatever carrier gets carry it. For Apple using Telus as the official carrier for the CDMA iPhone would give them national exposure which is something that Bell cannot offer. For Telus the iPhone would give them something that would help them gain market share in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

From the first day that the CDMA iPhone becomes available, it probably won't be available in Canada since Apple would still have an exclusivity agreement with Rogers. Sounds like the same old story yet again.

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