Friday, April 17, 2009

Sony Ericsson says Android Phone is on the way

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Sony Ericsson the partnership between the Japanese electronics giant and Swedish Mobile Phone maker has announced that a smartphone using Google's Android operating system is on the way, but has so far has declined to announce a shipping date or a carrier that their Android phone would be available on. This announcement by Sony Erissson starts a move by the partnership into smartphones.

Along with Google Android, smartphones running Symbian and Windows Mobile are said to be on the way. The Symbian phone is likely to be aimed at the european market where Symbian is the dominant smartphone operating system. The Windows Mobile phone will probably will be offered to carriers that have some other must have smartphone like the iPhone and carry Windows Mobile and Blackberries.

So far Google Android has been reviewed as good software running on bad hardware, identifying issues such as the poor battery life of the HTC G1, The carriers that offer the G1 will probably offer the Sony Ericsson Android phone. The Android phone from Sony Ericsson will be coming soon to T-Mobile and in Canada will still be waiting.

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