Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Windows 7, Different Versions The Confusion Continues

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One of the things that made Windows Vista such a fiasco even before it hit store shelves was all the various editions that made it so hard to choose what to buy. Instead of simplifying like Microsoft should have done, Microsoft is going to put out half a dozen different editions of the upcoming Windows 7. In an attempt to clarify the mess that Microsoft is making, here's the editions of Windows 7

Windows 7 starter: This is just like the starter edition of Windows XP that is sold in emerging markets in Asia. A very bare bones version of Windows that can only run three programs at a time. Will be found on some Netbooks just to keep people from getting Linux on such machines and so that Microsoft doesn't have to keep selling licenses for Windows XP.

Windows 7 Home Basic: Just like Windows Vista Home Basic that came on entry level PC's but with Windows 7 the Home Basic will only be available in emerging markets. Likely to be sold at a bargain basement price as an alternative to running a pirated version.

Windows 7 Home Premium: The name and features that are found in Windows Vista Home Premium. The home premium name retained to help those with Vista Home Premium buy Windows 7 Home Premium.

Windows 7 Professional: All the features from Windows 7 Home Premium plus file encryption and online backup. Named to make those running Windows XP Professional think that this is the version of Windows 7 they need.

Windows 7 Enterprise: Everything in Windows 7 Professional with a few add ons only useful to those in corporate IT, will not be available to home users.

Windows 7 Ultimate: Has most everything that Windows 7 Enterprise has but also has some features useful to home users such as Media Centre.

Those are the different versions of Windows 7: made clear as mud.

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