Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Utah Bill to Mature Rated Games Away From Underage Buyers

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The state legislators in the state of Utah have introduced a bill that when enacted will ban the sale of video games that get the M or Mature rating from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board to those under the age of 17. Other states have introduced previous bills to ban sales of M rated games to minors in the past but were killed due to concerns that such potential laws could be ruled to be unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

All pornography and movies that are rated R or NC-17 are not sold to minors without any concern about the First Amendment so why should Mature rated video games be any different? Are the state legislators just afraid of incurring the wrath of the retailers that sell video games or the ACLU.

Living in a province in Canada where the sale of Mature rated video games to minors is banned there is absolutely no freedom of speech issues. Anybody who claims such are going to be game developers who just using putting more and more violence and sexual content just to sell video games instead of creating better games.

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