Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tech Issues After Tory Re-Election

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The election of 2008 is over (in Canada at least) and not one of the parties addressed the tech related issues. There was not a single reference to copyright reform or net neutrality by any of the party leaders. So what will this mean in the upcoming parliament?

Copyright reform will once again appear the expected son of C-61 is expected to be reintroduced but maybe not right away. With the growing economic challenges pandering to the music and movie industries with Canada's DMCA clone will take a back burner for a while.

Net Neutrality legislation won't come from the government side of the house, but it would be an excellent issue for the opposition parties to flex their muscle and show Canadians that they can work together.

Electing a minority government was probably the best thing to help make sure that these issues don't get swept under the rug.

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