Monday, October 27, 2008

Google Android Phone, Coming To Canada

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Google and HTC recently launched the G1, the first smartphone to use Google's Android operating system. Once again just like the original iPhone before it Canadians have to ether stand on the sidelines or order an unlocked phone on places such as eBay. Unlike the original iPhone there will be multiple manufactures making Android powered smartphones. This of course could lead the way to having both CDMA and GSM Android phones in the market. Out of Canada's cell phone carriers who is most likely to offer Android phones, let's see.

Rogers/Fido: The honeymoon between Rogers and Apple hasen't even ended yet, while Rogers still sells Blackberries and Windows Mobile phones, it isn't very likely that Rogers will take on the most hyped competitor to the iPhone.

Bell: While Android would be an excellent opportunity to attract customers back from Rogers and the iPhone they haven't exactly carried the most trendy phones in a very long time. Bell's recent reputation of lame phones comes from carrying the same lineup as Sprint. If Sprint doesn't pony up the money to provide Google Android to subscribers then Bell won't ether.

Telus: Most of the time Telus carries the same phones offered by Verizon in the states, if Verizon gets the first CDMA Android phone then Telus will be the first Canadian carrier to offer it.

New Carrier (Yak,Videotron,etc.) Canada's new hopeful cell phone carriers will need a high profile type phone as a way to attract customers away from the established cell phone carriers. Billions spent on spectrum licenses and building networks will be need to be recovered. Will a Google Android phone help them, stay tuned.

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Unknown said...

Would love to see the source material the headline is based on... any actual confirmation that an Android based device is Canada bound?