Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mid June the Zune Officially Arrives in Canada

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Just days after Rogers and Apple announce an agreement that will finally allow Canadians to get iPhones legitimately, Microsoft comes out with their own announcement that affects the Canadian tech marketplace. In mid June, the Zune portable music player arrives in Canadian stores. The Zune software is already available for download for potential Canadian Zune users, however the Zune Marketplace online store is not yet available to sell songs to Canadian customers. Microsoft hasn't even announced when or even if songs will become available in Canada.

The Zune hasen't even put a dent in the portable media player market that is dominated by Apple's iPod. Using the most restrictive Digital Rights Management technology by any online music store is probably why the Zune's market share has dwindled into the low single digits. Canadians largely more resistant to DRM than American consumers which means that Microsoft will have an even tougher time selling the Zune in Canada.

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