Monday, May 26, 2008

Canada's New Potential Cell Phone Carriers Starting To Drop Out

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Like any race the the competition to create a fourth national cell phone carrier in Canada is starting to thin out. A consortium of American financiers known collectively as 6934579 Canada Inc. (sounds like a phone number than a company that sells cell phone service) has withdrew it's bid just after Primus Canada announced that they too would be dropping out.

Given how the auction process works it has become the norm for early entrants to drop out leaving those with the biggest wallets to win the title of new cell phone provider or satellite tv provider or what have you. Back in the days when both the FCC and the CRTC had open license application processes it was the market that chose who was going to be the successful TV network, cable company or cell phone provider back in the mid 1980's.

For all the billions of dollars spent by companies looking to get into providing Cell phone service, satellite tv or even high speed Internet using WiMax technology what is the public getting? For one thing more limited competition which could lead a fourth national cell phone carrier what acts like all the others.

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