Friday, March 28, 2008

Warner Music calls for Internet Tax to Support Their Poor Industry

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Now a recording company is joining a chorus sung by certain songwriters' rights holder groups that Internet service be taxed and the proceeds to compensate those whose songs are downloaded for free over peer to peer networks. Warner Music has hired a music industry insider to spear head a push to have a tax on Internet service enacted to make people pay (or pay for twice for users of legitimate online music services such as iTunes).

Unlike previous Internet service tax proposals aimed to help the poor suffering musicians and songwriters, the Warner Music proposal only helps the poor suffering recording companies. Yet just like previous proposals Internet service tax proposals, doesn't treat people fairly. Anybody who has access to municipal WiFi could just pop open their laptop, connect to their favorite peer to peer network and download just like they did using the Internet service that they pay for.

Just days Sony Music announced that they were exploring setting up a subscription service that allows unlimited downloads for about ten dollars a month, this announcement just goes to shows that backwards tyranical thinking still fills the heads of certain music industry executives. Sony's approach that is more likely to turn us all into legitimate paying downloaders is the way forward. Looks like some in the Music Industry still need a firm kick in the part of their bodies where they do their thinking.

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