Wednesday, March 19, 2008

CBC To put reality show on BitTorrent without DRM

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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is going to make their new reality show "Canada's Next Great Prime Minister" available for download on BitTorrent without using DRM to restrict online viewing. It comes as very little surprise that it would be a public television network that would make such a move. It was PBS that put a made for the Internet show called Nerd TV up on BitTorrent. The online distribution of "Canada's Next Great Prime Minister" would be the first time that a show produced for broadcast will be distributed using BitTorrent and without DRM.

While the private networks are distributing content online, it's with heavy restrictions, the move by the CBC is going to be interesting to watch, while it's highly unlikely that the private broadcasters will follow suit. Unrestricted online distribution will help CBC build an audience for their original content. Some broadcast industry pundits may speculate that distributing TV shows this way will be risky, for CBC it maybe the kind of crazy thinking that they need.

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