Saturday, December 29, 2007

Netscape 1994-2008 Rest In Peace

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Netscape Navigator the once dominant and long forgotten pioneering web browser will officially pass into the history of the Internet on February 1st 2008. AOL announced that support for all Netscape products will end on that date. While there hasn't been any official development on the browser carrying the Netscape brand name in a couple of years, the legacy will live on through Firefox.

When AOL bought Netscape it was widely believed that Netscape would have a new lease on life in it's fight against Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but instead choose to distribute Microsoft's web browser while owning Netscape lock stock and barrel. Instead of breathing new life into Netscape AOL helped Microsoft kill Netscape.

While Netscape is about to become history, it's role in the history of the Internet and the World Wide Web should never be forgotten. It was the Netscape browser that helped make the Internet easy to use, more interactive helped put more multimedia content online. If it wasn't for the Netscape browser everybody and their dog wouldn't be online today.

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