Thursday, December 20, 2007

Firefox 3 coming soon

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The Mozilla organization, creators of the upstart Firefox browser that a couple of years ago knocked Microsoft down a notch, are getting ready to release the third version of the web browser that for the very first time caused a Microsoft product to lose market share.

The second beta of Firefox 3.0 has just arrived, and even though all the features aren't ready there is already a lot to like. The Address bar auto complete doesn't show recently visited website address similar to what someone is typing but the page title as well. Even if something is typed into the address bar, similar web site titles are shown too.

The new feature that is being talked about the most is the Places, where a record of most visited websites is kept in a separate and can be easily accessed even if the sites aren't even bookmarked.

Another noteworthy new feature in Firefox 3.0 is saving a set of tab for the next browsing session. If Firefox 3.0 is closed with many pages open in separate tabs, then Firefox will ask the user if they want to save the tabs to be opened the next time that Firefox is opened. This will help protect one's privacy from the prying eyes in the next cubicle.

An improvement in Firefox 3.0 over previous browsers is the enlargement of what is seen in the browser window. Pressing the ctrl and the - or + keys will shrink or enlarge the text of the web page, but in Firefox 3.0 pressing this key combination will change the size of everything in the browser both text and graphics. This is going to be even more helpful for the visually impaired.

There's a lot to like in Firefox 3.0, and a lot to look forward to.

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