Friday, February 19, 2010

An Update To Duck Hunt For The Wii I'd Like To See

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Nintendo recently released an updated version of the original Super Mario Brothers and put it on the Wii.  What about Nintendo's other pack in game, Duck Hunt?  Can't it be updated too? Of course it can, here's what I would like to see from a Wii version of Duck Hunt

Let me shoot that damned dog: That four legged anti-hero in Duck Hunt that celebrates every duck killed but laughs when the ducks fly away won't be laughing so smugly when he gets a taste of hot lead.

Interchangeable weapons: The Zapper used in the original is an equivalent to a rifle or a shotgun in the original Duck Hunt, but wouldn't it be cool if  those ducks could be killed with a bazooka, rocket propelled grenades, or even yes a flame thrower.  Heck even throw in a chainsaw so those ducks cannot hide behind that tree for very long.

Extra Wildlife:  Sure shooting ducks maybe fun, for a while, but if a moose came into the scene once in a while, would it be nice to have an additional use for the already mentioned chainsaw.

Those are just a few things that can make Duck Hunt Wii a game that even the Halo nerds can enjoy

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