Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why Saskatchewan Needs To Sell ISC

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Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan will soon to put up for sale despite objections from the official opposition and labour unions. The Governing Saskatchewan Party promotes the sale of ISC to private investors as an opportunity for ISC to grow and expand beyond operating the land titles and vital statistics systems for the provincial government.

In order ot diversify from a resource based economy and embrace what is often dubbed the knowledge economy expanding the information technology industry is one of the vital first steps.  The announcement by Fujitsu Canada of their proposed  data centre near Regina shows interest within IT companies in growing their operations in Saskatchewan.

Selling ISC is a key to the growth of the Information Technology industry in Saskatchewan to show the industry that the mentality of the Romonow-Calvert era of we are the government that taxes you, regulates you and also competes against you is over.  Today's Saskatchewan is open for business without government getting into your business.

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