Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wish list for iPhone 4.0

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With the speculation and hype surround the iPad subsiding now that it's an official Apple product, attention turns to the next announcement that comes in just four months.  For the past few years Apple has used the World Wide Developers' Conference to announce updates to the iPhone.  Some rumors have already surfaced as what the fourth version will bring. Here's just a few things that Apple can and should do to update the iPhone:

Replaceable batteries: Cell Phones, like many other devices often outlive the rechargeable batteries they come with.  Make the batteries replaceable will help people keep iPhones longer and will be better for the environment.

Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS ) support: Putting in support for new frequency bands for cellular systems collectively known as Advanced Wireless Spectrum will help Apple expand the reach of the iPhone to more carriers.  T-Mobile runs their 3G on AWS bands, so when the exclusivity with AT&T runs out and Apple looks to more carriers having AWS support on the iPhone will be necessary to operate on T-Mobile.  In order to get the iPhone on Canada's new carriers Wind Mobile and Mobilicity AWS support will be required.

A change in display screen technology:  Changing the display screen on the iPhone from a traditional LCD to a LED backlet LCD or making a complete change to OLED will allow Apple to make a claim better battery life than previous iPhones, since these newer technologies are more power efficient.

WiFi Tethering: Using the iPhone as a 3G modem for use with a laptop computer has been high on wish lists since the original iPhone launched back in 2007.  Newer Palm and Android smartphones have Tethering using WiFi for sharing 3G data service with up to five computers.  Maybe it's time for Apple to catch up.

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