Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Playing The Odds on CES 2010

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Now that everybody has received the tech toys they wanted this Christmas just past, people will get their first looks at the gadgets that will be under the tree next Christmas.  The 2010 installment of the annual Consumer Electronics Show is set to start in Las Vegas.  Here's my guesses and the odds of appearing on the convention floor.

1000:1 TV's with OLED screens bigger than a sheet of paper.

700:1 Prototype for digital broadcast radio system appears and become the big hit of the show.

200:1 Hundreds of TV's and DVR's supporting OpenCable appear at the show.

50:1 3D TV appears at the show with full support of the networks.

5:1 Keynote from Microsoft's Steve Ballmer contains not much more than Zunes, and Smartphones running Windows Mobile interconnected with PC's and Xbox 360.  Microsoft board of directors starts hunting for new CEO.

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