Friday, September 4, 2009

Google Android To Coming To CDMA

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Google's Android the operating system for smartphones that is often considered to be the closest challenger to Apple's iPhone has been struggling for support from handset manufacturers and cellular carriers is finally expanding from it's current homes, T-Mobile in the US and Rogers Wireless in Canada. HTC currently the only manufacturer currently shipping handsets with Android installed is launching the first Android based smartphone on a CDMA network when model called the HTC Hero launches on Sprint in October.

Google's Android will also be available on smartphones other than those offered by HTC for the first time. September 10th Motorola will be announcing Android based smartphones, one phone code named 'Morrison' that will run on the T-Mobile network. The other Android phone is code named 'Sholes' which will be running on Verizon's network.

Now the question for Canadian CDMA subscribers is which Android phone on which network? The trend is that Sprint phones usually get picked up by Bell and Verizon phones are picked up by Telus. If that trend holds, the HTC Hero will be on Bell and the Motorola Sholes will be available on Telus. It could very well be that Bell will pass on Google Android in order to protect their Palm Pre sales. Of course if Sprint was so worried about cannibalizing their Palm Pre sales they wouldn't be carrying the Hero. Of course I predicted that Rogers was going to pass on Android to protect the iPhone, and that didn't happen.

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