Monday, August 31, 2009

Xbox 360 Elite Price Drops $100 in US and $70 in Canada WTF?

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Microsoft's poorly kept secret response to Sony's PS3 Slim and it's 299 dollar price tag became official over the weekend. In American retail shelves the price of the Xbox 360 sheds 100 dollars to match the 299 dollar price that the PS3 slim sells at. In stores in Canada the Elite now sells at 329 dollars, a drop of just 70 dollars. So once again Canadians get fleeced once again by a tech company.

Exchange rate cannot justify the smaller price drop for Canadians nor can the game bundles because the Elite that doesn't come with bundled games sells for the same as an Elite that has games bundled. The Xbox 360 Elite bundle that sells in some stores comes with a wireless network adapter but other stores have a bundle that doesn't offer the wireless network adapter but still sells for 329 dollars.

Microsoft's choice to price the Elite for 329 dollars will still make it the most expensive console on the Canadian market. Since the Pro is getting discontinued, The popular middle of the road option is now the PS3, Microsoft's dropped the price but the have also dropped the ball.

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