Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Samsung Google Android Phone Brings New Hope To Canadians

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According to a story on CNET News article, Samsung will be the second company to bring an Android based smartphone to market. The Samsung Android based phone hardware will be similar to Samsung's Instinct. The Samsung Android smartphone will be available as a GSM version on T-Mobile, and CDMA on Sprint.

Now that there's a CDMA Android smartphone coming, new hope comes to Canadian cell subscribers that they will finally get a chance to have an Android based phone. It's almost certain that Bell or Telus will try to get Samsung into an exclusivity agreement. For Bell it would help bring high end subscribers that are signing up with Rogers just to get an iPhone.

For Telus getting a smartphone running Android would help Telus gain market share in Ontario where Bell and Rogers already own the market. In Western Canada carrying an Android based smartphone will help Telus gain market share against the regional carriers like MTS which have tremendous customer loyality. With Shaw communications possibly entering the cell phone market after winning spectrum auctions in 2008, being the exclusive carrier of such smartphones will help keep any current Telus cellular subscribers who could possibily defect to Shaw.

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