Saturday, August 9, 2008

Telus Demands Federal Cash for Broadband Buildout, Give Me A Break

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According a CBC News Story The CEO of Telus Darren Entwistle calls upon the Federal Government to take the 4.2 Billion raised from the recent wireless spectrum auction and use it to build more broadband access to more smaller communities. It would be the giants of the industry that would offer service to customers in these smaller communities.

Given how telecom companies rake in billions of dollars from customers with scam-like fees like 911 fee, the system access fee, not to mention Telus' new fee for incoming text messages, the last thing that the big telcos needs is more government money.

Cable companies are mandated by their licenses from the CRTC to put 5 percent of their revenues into the Canadian Television Fund to provide funding to produce Canadian TV shows. Would it not be fair to mandate Telcos to put five percent of their revenues into building more broadband in traditionally underserved areas?

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