Sunday, January 13, 2008

Guess Who's Claiming They're Getting Ripped Off By Internet Piracy

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After fueling the growth of Internet subscription rates in the 1990's, pornography industry executives are claiming that their bottom lines (pun intended) are being hurt by Internet piracy. Industry executives blame distribution of copyrighted porn on peer to peer networks and x-rated video sharing web sites, like you-tube for porn (call it you-boob if you will). What the porn executives aren't telling is that they are having trouble competing with all the home made porn on peer to peer networks and video sharing sites.

Like the mainstream entertainment industry, maybe the porn industry needs to take a look at it's own employees in production facilities that upload copyrighted porn. Chances are that if the latest high definition movies starring Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, or Jenna Jameson (I'm not buying an HDTV for that) are available online, they were uploaded from the Avid suite at the production facility.

Sure technology that is used to produce and distribute porn has improved, the porn is still the same, the same silicone bodies even the same non-plots and even the same music for over 25 years. Why shouldn't people download porn for free, they paid for it years ago.

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