Monday, May 30, 2011

Are Saskatoonians Uninterested In Saving Their CBC Stations?

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As previously announced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Saskatoon along with Moncton, New Brunswick, London, Ontario, and Lethbridge, Alberta are going to be losing CBC televison stations (Both English and French) on August 31st.  It is mandatory in these cities for television stations to turn off existing analog transmitters and start up digital transmitters or go off the air forever.  Minority language over the air broadcasting is also scheduled to get deep cuts as French language stations in English Canada and English language CBC stations in Quebec will cut to static. 

Many in affected communites are taking action to keep CBC available for free to all viewers.  Protest rallies have already taken place in London and Moncton.  Municipal politicians are lobbying CBC executives and federal politicans to get digital transmitters built rather than the planned end of over the air broadcasting by the CBC when August draws a close. 

Although there is activity in affected communites, in Saskatoon however there has not been any rallies, no lobbying federal politicans, there hasn't even been a single mention in the media about the digital TV transition or that CBC television will soon get the ax.  While it may seem that there is a slim chance  to save the over the air broadcast from CBC stations in the affected communities, if Saskatoonians don't do anything to try to save their local CBC station, then they won't get get anything when trying to turn on CBC television on September 1st.


David Winter said...

We in London, are getting London City Hall behind it. A big report at city Hall tonight.

City of London is behind us all the way at saving CBC

Jod said...

I am happy in Edmonton able to keep both English and French CBC. Now with things going digital I have finally been able to dump cable. I find it very hard for CBC to justifiy dumping those communities for 1. Being a national broadcaster seems to be against their mandate 2. Other stations in those markets are going digital. Go figure! :-/