Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Technology Predictions Revisited

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As another year draws to a close it's time to revisit the predictions made about a year ago on this blog.  To review:

1.  Beginning of the end of CDMA: Metro PCS, and Verizon launched LTE at the end of 2010, Sasktel turned on HSPA, leaving MTS as Canada's CDMA only carrier this on was right on the mark.

2.  No iPhone on Verizon this year: While rumors ran rampant the whole year long there was no Verizon iPhone to be seen.  Got this one right too.

3.  Palm offers WebOS based GSM smartphones: Here's one I missed: Palm gets bought out by Hewlett Packard and is MIA ever since.

4.  Facebook IPO:   Got another one wrong, I guess Mark Zuckerberg already a billionaire, then the thought of making easy billions selling shares of Facebook on the stock market hasn't entered his mind.

2 wrong, 2 right, my geek crystal ball was a little cloudy after all, for a look ahead to 2011 stay tuned.

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