Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stop Annoying Telemarkers With A Fax Machine

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From the beginning of telephone service in the early 20th century there have been telemarketers to sell just about every product and service over the phone.  In the past couple of years due mostly to the advent of VOIP services computer dialed telemarketing has been on the rise.  A telephone call during a meal, while taking a shower or some other inopportune moment a recorded message trying to sell extended vehicle warranties, low interest rate credit cards, or some kind vacation that the recipient of the message supposedly won comes from the other end of the line.

Legislated measures have proven to be ineffective, tightening the laws on telemarketing and do not call registries have only chased the telemarketers off shore making healthy profits using inexpensive VOIP plans.  Technological solutions such as the Telezapper helped for a while but the telemarketers got wise and ignored the tones generated by devices like the Telezapper designed to make them think that the numbers they are dialing are nonexistent or disconnected.

One device that can be attached to a phone line that can get the telemarketers to scatter like cockroaches when a light is turned on has been around for the last twenty five years but has fallen is less use in the age of e-mail, the fax machine.  Using a fax machine to answer the line when no phone calls that are actually want, a telemarketer will call and get the screeching tones of a fax machine trying to make a connection to another fax machine.  That will tell the telemarketers that your phone line may be active but there won't be a person to answer the call.

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