Friday, January 30, 2009

Senate Approves Another DTV Delay Bill

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After getting killed in the house of representatives, the US senate has passed another bill to delay the national switch off of analog television broadcasting. Just like in the original bill this would allow television stations to continue broadcasting analog signals until June 12th. Those advocating the delay claim that millions of homes that depend exclusively on over the air signals are not ready.

There will still millions who will be unprepared if the switch to DTV happens on February 17th or June 12th. It's not because there is not enough public awareness efforts from both government and the broadcasting industry. It's because people are keeping themselves blissfully ignorant. It will take them nothing short of their TV's going blank before they buy a TV with a digital tuner or a converter box.

When Analog gets shut off when ever it happens there is going to be a shortage of converter boxes. Even if their was a nationwide blitz of door to door selling of converter boxes delaying to June 12th wouldn't give enough time to get to all of those who watch TV's using antennas.

The coupon program running out of money just weeks before the original deadline just goes to show how badly it was designed and operated. The program should have been a mail in rebate program right from the start.

The same issues are going to arise whenever the change over to DTV happens, public safety agencies need the radio frequency spectrum now, all those who get their TV from over the air broadcasting deserve the same picture and sound quality that cable and satellite subscribers get now, so let's just do it now!

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