Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TiVo Finally Arrives in Canada yipee

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After eight years after it's introduction to the World (Within the United States that is) the device that first recorded TV shows without video tape - The TiVo has finally arrived in Canada. For those first eight years TiVo was unrelenting in their refusal to offer recorders North of the 49th. As DirectTV and Dish Network learned before about Canadians, if they can't get it legally they'll hack it and get it illegally. That's what exactly with the TiVo, the recorders were bought over eBay and Craig's List and the boxes were hacked to load Canadian TV listings. A little less than a year ago TiVo formally supported use in Canada but didn't actually sell hardware through retailers.

TiVo's denial of hardware and service to Canadians has cost itself a lot. The personal video recorders offered by cable and satellite companies have a big head start. Even as TiVo arrives in Canada they have already put themselves at a huge disadvantage, The TiVo boxes only support standard low definition television. All the cable and satellite PVR's support High definition recording. Likely to say that TiVo is just using the Canadian market to dump a large inventory of standard low definition TiVo boxes.

TiVo's are going to be good for those still using analog cable or over the air reception who are having more and more trouble finding blank VHS casettes. For those with digital cable or satellite getting a PVR from the cable or satellite company would cost about the same as the monthly service fee that TiVo charges.

It is very hard to despute that TiVo at one time was a cutting edge technology, but Canadians were forced to sit on the side lines but by now we have gone somewhere else, too late Tivo too bad.

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